Is there a best time to invest in replacement windows? That largely depends on your priorities. For example, if you are approaching the winter season and your windows are highly inefficient, then you don’t want to rack up heating costs while you wait for spring to roll around. In many other instances, the best time for window installation is the spring. Here’s why.

It’s Time to Enjoy Fresh Spring Air

You wake up to the birds chirping and decide to let in some fresh spring air. Too bad your windows are stuck shut. If your windows are inoperable or dimmed by many years of moisture damage, then there’s no better time to find a solution. Whether you want casement windows for easy ventilation above the kitchen sink or double-hung windows for your living room, filling your home with fresh, spring air is easier with new windows!

You will Refresh the Look of Your Home

Springtime often inspires us to clean and redecorate, so there’s no better time for an instant style upgrade. New windows will do a lot for the beauty of your home inside and out. Consider bow windows for stunning curb-appeal and generous indoor lighting or the unique and functional design of a garden window. The options are vast, so you’re sure to find the perfect touch for any room in your home.

There are More Daytime Hours

More hours to work means your window installation job is completed sooner. Need we say more?

Installation is More Comfortable

Window installation professionals work hard to ensure your comfort any time of the year, but the task is more challenging during times of extreme temperatures. In the spring, you have cool temperatures and low humidity, making this the ideal installation time for most homeowners and window contractors alike.

Cooling Costs are Lowered

In Fresno, temperatures reach the 80s by May, so cooling costs can become extreme before summer is in full swing. Get ahead of the game with a window replacement between the months of March and April if possible. Especially if your home sports old-fashioned single-pane windows. Today’s windows are highly efficient, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year on energy bills.

Difficulties of Springtime Window Replacement

Window replacement in the spring just makes sense, but there are some cons to consider. This season is busiest for reliable window contractors, so it’s a good idea to book your appointment as soon as possible. You could also miss out on off-season pricing during the spring, but the benefits might outweigh the small increase in cost.

If you live in the Fresno, CA area and you’re ready to revive your home this spring with new windows, contact Delerio Construction to learn about our wide selection of stunning, energy-efficient window styles. Don’t forget to request a free, no-pressure cost estimate!