Window Installation - Sill

When contractors install windows, they put a lot of extra effort into getting the size right and making sure the replacement windows are airtight. If they aren’t then bad things can happen during your installation and afterwards.

Let’s take a look at how a window installation can affect the surrounding wall of a home:

Gaps Between the Window and the Window Opening

The window opening is pre-built, usually by a carpenter or framer, according to a specified size sent by the window installers. Usually these openings are just right for the custom window you ordered. However, problems do occur. If the contractor is given the wrong window size or orders the wrong size. It can lead to a large gap between the window opening and the new window frame.

Not only are gaps unsightly, but they can also serve as access points for animals and insects to get into the walls. Further, you’ll likely have a bad draft and moisture that seeps in on humid days.

Additional Flashing Is Used for Further Protection

Window contractors will also take extra time to protect the home exterior by adding multiple layers of flashing and silicone during an installation. These products may be made from metal or be asphalt and butyl based. If there are gaps in the window, contractors usually clear that up in one of two ways, either through applying expanding foam or adding small pieces of home insulation into the gap.

If there is a gap between the window frame and the window opening, it may allow moisture to enter and potentially lead to mold and mildew.

Damage to the Siding and Window Jamb

No matter how careful the contractor is, he or she will likely end up doing some damage to the exterior siding when removing an old window. Some will even state that they wait until the siding is installed before finishing a window installation. If the siding has cracked or broken off, there is a chance it will allow moisture and insects to enter the building.

Usually there is always some cracking at the ends of the siding panels, but this can be covered by a piece of decorative trim. The interior windowsill can also be damaged with wear and tear or by pulling out the window. In this case, the contractor will need to replace it to ensure a smooth, finished result.

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