Have you been thinking about ways you can transform your bathroom to make it more in-line with your dream home? Maybe you’ve noticed yellowing or cracking on your bathtub or shower and have decided it’s time for a brand new look.

At Delerio Construction, our team has a suggestion for you to consider: what about a beautiful, traditional-style bathroom with gorgeous soft shades and neutrals? With our many replacement bathtub, shower, and accessory choices and designs, we’re ready to inspire you to take control of your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Step Into Vintage Elegance

To create a beautiful, soft vintage feel to your bathroom, we recommend a classical white tile pattern in Hopscotch with the Sandbar pattern for your bath or replacement shower. To give your bathroom a touch of elegance, we’ll install beautiful bronze accessories for your faucets, drain, shower door frame, grab bars, and more.

Choosing some gorgeous purple candles and hand towels will elevate your bathroom’s appeal, while Luxury Bath will provide:

  • Hopscotch Wall Pattern
  • Sandbar Pattern for Bath or Shower
  • Bronze Accessories

You’ll Love Cool Tones with a Traditional Feel

If cool tones are more your style, we would like to recommend our Arctic Ice pattern for your bath or shower and a neutral gray tone or solid white for your walls. The Rosettes tile pattern would add flair to this bathroom, and brushed nickel accessories would complete the look.

Adding your favorite shade of blue into the room through bathmats, towels, and wall art would be perfect for adding a nautical or classical touch with a pop of color. For this style, we will offer the:

  • Arctic Ice Pattern
  • Solid Gray or White
  • Rosettes Tile Pattern
  • Brushed Nickel Accessories

Get the Soft, Feminine Traditional Style

If you want a soft, feminine glow in your bathroom, we recommend our solid-toned color, Biscuit, for your bath or shower. Biscuit, which will add a touch of pink, paired with the Piazza tile pattern for your floors and solid white walls will make your bathroom feel all the more luxurious.

With this style, we recommend our bronze accessories and to pair the look with soft pink hand towels, flowers, and curtains so you feel just like a queen. We’ll provide:

  • Solid Color in Biscuit
  • Solid Color in White
  • Piazza Tile Pattern
  • Bronze Accessories

We Know You Want Even More Accessories and Accessibility Items to Match

To complete your bathroom’s look, we have all the accessories and accessibility items you could need. Our team would be happy to show you our wide selection of:

  • Grab Bars
  • Shower Footrests
  • Attached Bench Seats
  • Shelves
  • Caddies for Storage
  • Soap Dishes

For More Information, Contact Our Expert Team Today

For even more ideas for designing your bathroom with Delerio Construction, please contact our professional bathroom remodeling team today. By calling now, you can schedule a consultation with us for a free project estimate or fill out our easy online form.