Have you wanted your bathroom to showcase your chic, modern style? Creating a contemporary bathroom with simple colors, smooth surfaces, and block patterns is easy with the right products. Our team of expert bathroom remodelers at Delerio Construction is here to tell you how easy it is to modernize your bathroom with suggestions to fit your color palette.

Pristine Look

Choosing a shower or tub that is solid white with simple black accessories transforms your bathroom. Modern style rests in simplicity and eye-catching details, which is why, for a pristine-looking bathroom, we recommend:

  • White Walls
  • Subway Wall Pattern
  • White Tub or Shower Base
  • Matte Black Faucets, Drains, and Handles

Choose some more solid black finishing touches to polish off this bathroom. Try decorating with black towels, picture frames, and cabinet handles.

Warm Look

You can choose warm neutral colors for a modern bathroom, too. Shades of brown add warmth when you don’t want to include colors like red, orange, and yellow. For an inviting bathroom with modern flair, we recommend:

  • Almond Walls
  • Roman Block Wall Pattern
  • Almond Tub or Shower Base
  • Matte Black Faucets, Drains, and Handles

Adding more touches of black and a pop of color like olive green will make this bathroom inviting. Try black cabinet handles and towel racks with olive green towels and candles.

Stormy Look

Sleek gray tones are a staple in modern style. If you’re a fan of cool tones in the bathroom, this is the look for you. We recommend:

  • White Walls
  • Marazzi Wall Pattern
  • Gray Tub or Shower Base
  • Chrome Faucets, Drains, and Handles

By adding a shade of blue through other accessories in the bathroom, such as navy, you’ll have the cool-toned bathroom of your dreams. Chrome cabinet handles and towel racks will elevate this bathroom’s style.

More Accessories to Customize

There are a variety of other bathroom accessories Delerio Construction can offer your bathroom. When deciding which accessories are the best fit for you, consider what neutral colors fit best with the rest of your bathroom. You can choose from:

  • Grab Bars
  • Shower Footrests
  • Attached Bench Seats
  • Shelves
  • Caddies for Storage
  • Soap Dishes

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