Many of us have bathrooms with a limited amount of space. Creating a luxurious bathroom in a small space is entirely doable, and by downsizing certain appliances you can give your bathroom the appearance of being roomier.

Our expert bathroom remodelers at Delerio Construction have years of experience remodeling small bathrooms while creating the relaxing bathing sphere of our clients’ dreams. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can make your small bathroom stylish and highly functional with a few simple tweaks.

Choosing a Smaller Bathtub

Our experienced bathroom remodelers at Delerio Construction can offer you a smaller bathtub to fit your bathroom. While our standard tub size is 5 ft., we also offer gorgeous 4.5 ft. tubs with the same properties as the larger models.

We can customize your replacement tub to fit your unique preferences, too. Our 4.5 ft. tubs are available in a variety of:

  • Colors
  • Styles
  • Patterns

Selecting a Smaller Shower

A large shower may sound nice but choosing a shower that fits the size of your bathroom will make the space visually proportionate. Our bathroom remodelers can offer you high-quality 3 ft. shower bases meant to accommodate small bathrooms. The shower walls, which are expertly crafted to fit the unique dimensions of your shower, are customizable along with the shower base. Whichever colors and styles fit your aesthetic, our team will provide you with a replacement shower made just for you.

Making Use of Wall Storage

An easy way to create more space in a room is to store items vertically. You can easily make use of wall storage to give the illusion that your bathroom is more spacious than it actually is (which is one of our favorite tricks.)

Customizable shower caddies and bath wall caddies with multiple shelves are offered by our bathroom remodelers. This way, you can put your bathroom essentials all in one place without crowding your sink.

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