If you are prepared to update your bathroom space, you do not want to create a boring bathroom. Making your bathroom stand out can really bring your space to the next level and does not have to cost you a ton of extra money. At Delerio Construction we put together some tips on how to best make your new bathroom space stand out above the rest. Simply trust in the process and you will have all your neighbors talking about your updated and stylish new bathroom space.

Replace Your Wet Space Area

The first thing you can do to bring your current bathroom out of its plain funk, is to replace your wet space area. You can do a simple update with a replacement of your current wet space product. However, you can also do a bathroom conversion that will allow for a different flow in your bathroom space.

If you are looking to upgrade a space and make it more luxurious adding a walk-in shower can make a huge difference. A high-end shower door can be installed to give your new shower space the definition it needs, while also allowing for a stunning focal point. Focal points can also be added to your new wet space through stunning designs that are added to your wall surrounds.

If you are looking to make a comfortable family-friendly bathroom space, a shower-to-tub conversion can create a big difference. Just like shower surrounds, wall surrounds in your tub offer a great space to add a design or texture to make this space stand out. This is often covered by a shower curtain, but when your bathroom space looks amazing you can leave that shower curtain open!

Add High-End Accessories

Accessories are put into new bathroom spaces to help the homeowner get everything they want out of their new investment. We have found that accessories can also be a way to make your new bathroom space over the top. Going with a rain flow showerhead or an upgraded fixture finish will allow your accessories to look and feel high-end. We also suggest that you add shelving into any new wet space making your new bathroom space easier to decorate and properly organize.

Add Some Color to Your Space

The final step you can take to make your new bathroom stand out is by adding the right decorations to the space. Simply paint a feature wall in your bathroom or add some decorative towels. Easy changes can go a long way in upgrading your bathroom space.

Are you looking for help on your next bathroom remodel? Contact Delerio Construction for a free design consultation and estimate service. We would love to help you bring your bathroom to the next level.