Kitchen cabinet refacing is one of the most underrated home improvement projects there is. Oftentimes, California homeowners don't realize they can achieve a beautiful new, custom kitchen design in under a week.

The possibilities are seemingly endless with cabinet refacing with hundreds of colors, wood grains, and hardware to choose from. Here are some of the benefits of having your kitchen cabinets refaced in Fresno:

  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Eco-Conscious
  • Efficient Installation
  • No Demolition

Economical Home Improvement

When compared to replacing all the cabinets in your Fresno kitchen, cabinet refacing is significantly more affordable. You'll save hundreds on material and labor costs as the project will be much easier to install. Enjoy the most affordable way to get the kitchen aesthetic you've always wanted.

Custom Design Options

With over 3,000 custom design options, the possibilities are endless. You can achieve a modern, contemporary, or transitional design that looks completely different from your original cabinetry.

With custom fabrication, we take precise measurements for a flawless fit. Customize these elements of your new cabinets for a unique kitchen remodel:

  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Cabinet Drawers
  • Wood-Like Laminate

Eco-Conscious Practices

Removing the existing faces of your cabinets is the most sustainable way to achieve a new kitchen cabinet design. Kitchen cabinet removal is a large process that requires a lot of debris to go to the landfill. Our cabinet refacing process will produce a minimal amount of garbage for a more eco-conscious home improvement project.

Fast, Efficient Installation

With kitchen cabinet refacing, you no longer have to live through a lengthy construction process to get the stunning results you deserve. Our efficient process takes as little as three days to install as opposed to a month-long kitchen remodel.

No-Demo Construction

Just the words every homeowner wants to hear, your cabinet refacing project won't require any messy demolition. This is a huge time savings for homeowners because they don't have to cover their furniture, move delicate dishes, or shut down their kitchen during the kitchen remodel. With kitchen cabinet refacing, everything can be done while maintaining a functional kitchen.

Schedule an In-Depth Design Consultation in Fresno

At Delerio Construction, we specialize in kitchen remodeling in Fresno for homeowners with any budget. We offer stunning kitchen cabinet refacing as well as stock and custom kitchen designs. We're your top choice for A+ rated and accredited BBB service.

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