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Beatrice C.

We have hired our share of professional remodel contractors, including those who televise. We found Delerio through Lowe's, not expecting much. We were completely surprised. Delerio solved all the problems we had in the past with contractors. The entire plan was outlined for us in advance down to every detail, all approved first. Mr. Delerio himself showed-up at the first meeting to ensure our wishes were not "over-reaching" either budget or what was reasonably accomplished. Then Abel the lead person was introduced who would manage the job. Everything went perfect, even the expected small delays which any homeowner should know come with any remodel job. Abel kept us informed, delivered on the promises and never over-promised, surprised us with an unexpected add-on, change, lack of person power, etc. which we had seen in the past. The people who worked on the job were top-notch at what they did, always on time and on-target with the work. The pricing was competitive for what we had done, in other words not so cheap as to require "cutting corners" but way less than the others we had used in the past. I not only strongly recommend Delerio Construction but will use it again in the future. This is as good as contracting can get. We had our children's bedroom windows replaced back in October 2017. We were hoping to get everything done before the holidays. We were a bit skeptical because of other company's such as Home Depot estimating the simonton windows to be in by late Novemb

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